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My Story

Being in Hawaii I began falling in love with more than just the couples and families I photographed, I began falling in love with nature. As the years went on, I began subtly placing couples and families in beautiful landscapes, allowing clients to display vacation memories throughout their house without them being the focal point in the image. In mid July, 2014 I quit photographing people completely and began focusing on landscape photography.

Early in my landscape career I had the fortune of shooting with some of the best landscape artists in Hawaii. During my time with them, they emphasized patience and persistence, along with getting the image right in camera, and not in photoshop. My photos are a result of revisiting the same location, countless times, for ideal conditions. My end goal is to produce a clean, simple, and balanced image that makes you forget you’re looking at just a picture.

Napali Coast NCL

It was during my final year of graduate school I fell in love with photography. I soon found myself reading more things related to photography than my thesis. After graduate school I set out to use the camera. From 2011-2014 I ran the Photo Department, including Perspectives Photography Studio, on board various ships in Norwegian Cruise Lines fleet, spending a majority of my years aboard the Pride of America in Hawaii.

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